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Tree Dismantling

Richardson Tree Surgery provides an experienced and considerate Tree Dismantling service. This service is ideal for trees which require more careful removal, perhaps as a result of the nature of the tree, nearby buildings, breakables, or immovable garden ornaments. With our Tree Dismantling service, we remove the tree piece by piece, roping branches down individually and/or rigging the tree, if required, until the entire tree is removed.

After dismantling, we’ll thoroughly tidy the area until traces of us (or the tree) being there such as twigs, leaves, and branches, are gone! Wood is either recycled, or taken to nearby farms, carpenters, and lumberyards, though wood can be left behind if requested/required.

We’re able to dismantle trees of any size, from smaller garden trees to large trees in gardens or public spaces, provided we have permission to do so.

At Richardson Tree Surgery, we also have access to all necessary specialist equipment, and have the licences, experience, and insurance required to operate these in a safe, swift, and considerate manor. This includes items such as safety gear, climbing equipment, chainsaws, cherry pickers, and more.

You may require tree dismantling if your tree has been subject to storm damage, fungal infection, or is too close to a house. Trees too close to homes can cause subsidence, and this is something that we are able to offer advice on.

For trees in open spaces, you may be interested in our Tree Felling service. This is for trees which can be removed without risk of impacting their surroundings, and where the tree can be felled in a more classic manner.

You may also be interested in our Stump Grinding service, in which we remove the stump of your tree to 8 inches below ground level using our own specialist machinery. We’re able to grind stumps of any size, and have extensive experience of doing so.

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