Our office is closed for annual leave from the 14th July and will re-open on the 24th July.

Spring/Summer Pruning

Richardson Tree Surgery provide an experienced and reliable Spring/Summer Tree Pruning service.

All stone fruit trees should be pruned in the Summer to avoid infection by a fungal disease known as Silver Leaf. Trees which should be pruned in the Summer include Maple, Birch and Walnut trees, amongst many others.

We’ll leave the area tidy and remove all chippings, twigs, and fallen leaves, though can leave wood behind if required/requested! We have access to all necessary specialist equipment, and have the licences, experience, and insurance required to operate these in a safe, swift, and considerate manner. This includes items such as safety gear, climbing equipment, chainsaws, cherry pickers, and more.

After pruning, we’ll thoroughly tidy the area until traces of us being there, such as twigs, leaves, and branches, are gone! Wood is either recycled, or taken to nearby farms, carpenters, and lumberyards, though wood can be left behind if requested/required. We remove redundant wood piece by piece, roping branches down individually and/or rigging the tree, if required, until the entire tree is removed.

We prune trees whilst remaining conscious of the fact that they may be home to wildlife, and seek to protect these homes wherever possible. We also ensure that the surrounding area is taken care of, and are able to rope branches down piece by piece in areas where buildings, ornaments, greenhouses, or other breakables may be nearby.

Services which relate to pruning include our Crown Lifting service, where we ensure that low-level branches don’t impede passers-by. Our Crown Reduction service is similar, however applies to the crown of the tree in its entirety. Please ensure that, for fruit trees, the seasons are considered before the service is carried out, though we can gladly provide our expertise here to ensure that the service is being carried out at the right time of the year.

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