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Crown Lifting

At Richardson Tree Surgery we offer an effective, experienced, and reputable Crown Lifting service – one of our most popular services. Crown-lifting involves the removal of the lower branches of a tree in order to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lower branches. This may be in order to allow access below the tree, for safety, to clear utility lines, allow more light into your garden or to improve views. Crown Lifting is a popular and important service in all settings – from gardens to parks, estates, and public spaces.

In general, Crown Lifting should be restricted to secondary branches, as removal of primary branches (those lower to the base of the tree) or large branches can have detrimental effects on a tree – especially older ones. If carried out incorrectly, this can lead to infections, permanent damage, decay, and result in the tree needing to be felled. At Richardson Tree Surgery we provide expert advice on Crown Lifting, as well as being able to carry out the service in a safe and considered manner.

We’re able to work on trees of any size, from smaller garden trees to large trees in gardens or public spaces, provided we have permission to do so.

At Richardson Tree Surgery, we also have access to all necessary specialist equipment, and have the licences, experience, and insurance required to operate these in a safe, swift, and considerate manner. This includes items such as safety gear, climbing equipment, chainsaws, cherry pickers, and more.

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