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Formative Pruning

The Formative Pruning service we at Richardson Tree Surgery provide is generally completed when a tree is very young (generally up to 5-10 years), although it can be carried out on more mature specimens too.

It encourages the tree to grow into an attractive and healthy structural form, and reduces the likelihood of significant crown lifting work needing to be carried out further down the line, which can be dangerous to trees. Ideally, this pruning should be started when the tree is in the nursery, in order to influence the structure, shape, or size of its crown.  Formative pruning is used to remove any future weaknesses in the tree and to give a desired shape, perhaps alongside other trees, in tight areas, or simply to ensure a safe and healthy structure.

We have extensive experience in providing this service, and encourage it to be carried out on all juvenile trees to reduce the risk of damage to the tree as a result of later-life crown lifting, damage to others from deadwood, and to ensure the health of the tree itself. It also allows us the chance to get to know the tree, meaning we can assess the short and long-term options for its health, care, and surroundings.