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At Richardson Tree Surgery, we operate an experienced and reliable Bracing service for both juvenile trees that require support, and mature trees that have failed or are showing weakness.

Both young and mature trees may fail due to a variety of different reasons, be it decay, environmental factors, structural decay, or perhaps due to the tree not being able to support its own weight. In order to support the life of a tree and to prevent this failure, cable and bracing systems are implemented.

Bracing is not only used to support mature trees, but also juvenile trees in order to support them until they are strong enough to sustain themselves. If a tree is deemed potentially vulnerable, limb support is very important as it avoids damage to property, personal injury, or ultimately the demise of the tree.

In the majority of cases, tree cabling and bracing systems are used in conjunction with various pruning methods in order to achieve optimum results. Tree bracing is a non-invasive practice, in which 2T, 4T and less often 8T Cobra bracing is installed into a tree in order to give it the necessary structural support that it requires. Cobra is a dynamic, flexible tree bracing system which is designed to allow for both dynamic and static braking systems.

At Richardson Tree Surgery, we have access to all necessary specialist equipment, and have the licences, experience, and insurance required to operate these in a safe, swift, and considerate manner. This includes items such as safety gear, climbing equipment, chainsaws, cherry pickers, and more.