Our office is closed for annual leave from the 14th July and will re-open on the 24th July.

Woodland Management

Regardless of whether it pertains to ancient woodland or plantation, correct management is key to ensuring productive and ecologically diverse woodlands. Richardson Tree Suurgery provide forestry services to private landowners, as well as to larger organisations such as The National Trust.

We work in an organised way, ensuring operations are sympathetic to the surrounding environment and that the end result is a well presented product. This ensures that the site is ready for re-planting, natural regeneration or its next intended use.

We are able to undertake a range of forestry operations, including:

  • Timber harvesting and extraction
  • Hardwood coppicing
  • Woodland thinning
  • Timber pruning and tree surgery
  • Removal of windblown, storm damaged, dangerous or diseased trees
  • Ride maintenance and vegetation control
  • Drainage and ditching
  • Timber sales

We are always happy to discuss tree and woodland management, so please do not hesitate to call us if you wish to talk more about the services we offer.

Where necessary, we make use of varied machinery, including excavators, telehandlers, cranes and MEWPs to safely fell infected trees and deal with bulk arisings, whether cutting timber for firewood product or whole tree chipping. In areas of high public use, we can implement traffic management and exclusion zones, in the interest of public safety, whilst carrying out the work.