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Commercial Services

Richardson Tree Surgery Limited is a long-established, professional arboricultural contractor. It has in-depth knowledge of a broad variety of tree species and a wealth of experience performing a wide range of tree surgery, forestry and vegetation clearance operations.

Whether we are appointed as a first tier contractor or working as part of a larger supply chain, we act as an innovative partner to achieve optimum results for our clients. Honesty, integrity and reliability are at the core of our values, with a strong emphasis on customer service, health and safety compliance and environmental regulations. 

Maintaining roadside vegetation is key to the safety and efficiency of the Highway network. We provide a complete service from planned tree surgery and vegetation clearance to emergency response, clearing fallen trees and debris. In addition, we are able to apply for necessary road space and closure permits on your behalf and provide traffic management by our trained in-house staff. 

Richardson Tree Surgery continues to maintain large amounts of tree stock for County, Town and Parish Councils, as well as for housing and residential associations. We work with our clients to formulate pre-emptive tree management plans, ensuring tree stock is in good health and in a safe condition. 

Ensuring unwanted vegetation is cleared and remaining trees are in a safe and healthy condition before development begins, is vital to avoid unwanted delays during the construction period. We work alongside developers, both small and large, including Barnes Construction, Beechwood Estates & Development and Savills to name a few. We are able to provide a complete tree surgery and vegetation clearance service, ensuring your development gets off to the right start. 

Regardless of whether it is ancient woodland or plantation, correct management is key to ensuring productive and ecologically diverse woodlands. We provide forestry services to private landowners, as well as to larger organisations such as The National Trust and The Wildlife Trust. We are able to undertake operations ranging from small scale harvesting and extraction to felling, thinning, tree pruning, ride and drainage maintenance. 

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Maintenance of watercourses is fundamental to the effectiveness of drainage systems, ensuring good land drainage and flood prevention. Whether it be planned annual vegetation clearance, de-silting and bank re-forming or ad hoc work clearing fallen trees and branches, we work with landowners and public bodies to ensure clear and free flowing watercourses. Our services range from tractor and excavator mounted clearing equipment to hand operated brush cutters and chainsaws.

Unfortunately, Ash Dieback disease is an increasing problem faced by Ash tree stock, which is sadly set to change the look of the British landscape. The removal of diseased trees infected with ADB is crucial to public safety and the prevention of further spread of the disease. Associated works pose great risk to operators and to the public due to loss of fibre strength, directional control and falling debris. Having already successfully completed contracts for the felling of large numbers of infected trees, we have the necessary experience to safely and efficiently complete this type of work.

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